Autonomous Selection V5 VexCode

Currently, I have four different autonomous programs and would like to add more, however because there are only a few slots to save programs I was wondering if there is a way to save multiple autonomous programs into one program and select which to use at the beginning. I have heard of other teams doing this but I was wondering how you would go about coding something like that and how/when you would choose the autonomous program you would want to use for a round in competition.

What program are you using to code autonomous?

Many people make a screen during pre-auton to select which auton to use and then in the auton segment you run the selection. Here’s an easy way to make one (plus a template of an auton selector):

(this is in vexcode text)


This might help

Was written using VCS, but ports well to VEXcode.


I am using vexcode text

Yeah then the links above will be your solution.