WalshBots Autonomous Feature Selector

James Pearman posted an example of autonomous selection using the V5 Robot Brain. It allows up to eight different routines to be selected before start of a match. We have extended this to allow the buttons to select features to be enabled or not, for example shoot preload or not. It also allows to select the starting tile and alliance. Attached is an example program and brief description.

Thanks James for being an awesome teacher to all!

If there are bugs, please let me know. Be sure to credit James for the underlying button code if you use it for competitions.
9791-button-template.vex (25 KB)
V5 Brain Button Control-3.pdf (79.8 KB)


Thanks! This will help us a lot when we get V5! Makes our life so much easier!

Thank James! Do let us know of improvements you identify.

Really cool way to do this. This provides lots of flexibility in operating your program.

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Thanks for posting this. This will make it much easier to manage our autonomous programs and make it easier to select our autonomous.

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You are welcome!

After Worlds we are going to focus on getting this cleaned up some more. There are some interesting drive functions in the VEXcode SDK that should help structure programs better.

All good learning for all of us.

thx guys for ur effort , i have a Q . what app are u using and with language

Originally, used VEX Coding Studio, C++ example that James Pearman posted. The team ported to VEXcode V5 Text that they used in competition at Worlds with good success.

For this season you can use the buttons on the bottom to indicate where on the wall you are starting - it all depends on the autonomous path you want to do.

My team behind this code is now at the HS - so no idea if they are going to release new code for Tower Takeover.

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hi , brother the first link u upload it with the form of ( .vex ) … its not opening , should it be with the (. v5code ) form

Read carefully - it is a VEX Coding Studio project. You will need to import it using Import under the File menu. I just checked that it still opens and compiles under VEXcode V5 Text 1.0.3