Ball lockout - critical flaw in game design?

oh yeah that is true. almost everyone would be able to do that themselves though.

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Nice, this along with the center cage + auton win can guarantee you a win


Wins can never be 100% guaranteed just from planning a certain strategy. What if the other team is planning the exact same thing?

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wow! there could be some serious strat behind this! just fill the goal with your alliance color and shove it in! boom! unless someone wrecks the goal, you have yourself an owned goal for the rest of the match! thank you very much for sharing this! I will add a mech that can do this easily to my cad sometime soon!

Edit: I’m so glad that I saved a motor to do whatever with!

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pretty sure any robot can do this with no additional mechs, if you just poke it with one of your intakes.


Have not checked, but you could probably squeeze another ball on the bottom level also.

you can, but that one can be descored.

I need to check the rules… but with the ‘wedged’ ball extending PAST the outside of the ring… would it be scored? If not… this gets even MORE interesting. The top ball is scored, no question about it.

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it is scored. you just have to be partially within the outside of the goal, and all the way below the top.

Critical flaw in game design? Really? Why so quick to judge the GDC’s decisions like this? You don’t know that this wasn’t an intentional part of the game’s design, and you don’t know what effects it will have on game strategy.

It’s ridiculous to suggest that the GDC should change a major aspect of the game, which was publicly available knowledge since the release of Game Manual Appendix A, just because you don’t like it.

These kinds of threads are troublesome to me because they imply that the GDC hasn’t been testing and preparing for the release of this game for two years. YES, they know that balls can be wedged in corner goals like this, and YES, they know that it takes force to remove balls from goals. These aspects don’t need to be change just because they don’t fit your preconceived notion of how the game should be played.


I would argue that it isn’t ridiculous because it is a minor change (all you would need to do would be to file down a few posts and adjust the ring heights) that in my opinion would be a large improvement to the game.


The tight clearance when removing balls from goals was already an issue; you really think it’s a good idea to tighten that clearance even more?

No, I want to expand it. the ball wouldn’t be able to get jammed in the corners if the rings didn’t squeeze down on it.


Cutting the ‘front’ posts will INCREASE clearance, fixing 2 problems.


true, but it would be more efficient if you had a special mech.

This was not evident until you had some time to spend on an assembled field. I don’t see any reasonable way to have noticed this from blueprint review alone.

I can judge as I see fit, just as anyone can. In my opinion it bypasses the ability to play the game a variety of ways. It’s such an overwhelming benefit that you are practically forced to adopt it. Which, in my opinion, circumvents the overall goal and spirit of VEX itself.


I am sorry but I have to ask. If the ball is shoved into the corner in a match would that still count for points or would the goal be open or owned by another team?

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It would count. See above posts.

the ball counts as scored. any balls above it physically wont be able to be descored, so essentially its a plug on the bottom of the goal.


This is the same game that vex accidentally leaked through subtitles before it was officially released in the livestream lol. Vex is far from perfect