Battery keeps erroring

ok so at my school we have 2 batterys and they keep turning off with led 1 flashing red

Are they running the latest firmware?

yes (must be 20rbrgbutgbtrg)

Hmm. You are charging them with the right chargers correct? (The ones for v5, not older)

yep we are using the ones that came with them/v5 stater kit

thanks again for helping me!!!

I’m not an expert with batteries, only thing I could recommend is possible making a RMA to replace them.

Here’s a post that talks about it,look at solution

yea we have had them for lees than a year the thing is we have comp tomaro

Maybe try and call VEX, phone found in there contact page.

go to and under V5 Troubleshoot - two articles for battery debug:

hmmmmmmmmmmmm (20)20

also do you know what that arror code with the light closed to the test button flashing red

Really, read the article… Charge battery when light is flashing next to button.

You can run Battery Medic …