Best System of Units for VEX

I just realized we were doing it all wrong!

Guessing the weight of the VRC field in “lbs” - eww!

We must abandon anything that has any connections to science or metric system, and follow the lead of the popular TV announcers by embracing units that are loved by the public. Like the length of the Football field, volume of the Olympic-size swimming pool, or the weight of the School Bus.

We must not pay any attention to the whining of the Real Engineer(s) or the intentions of Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers…

Instead, we must double-down and define our own VEX-centric set of fundamental units!

For example, just like “1 horse” is the unit of length in horse racing, we can use “1 clawbot” as the official length unit for VRC.

We already do similar thing by comparing velocity of the robots to the speed of the classic EDR clawbot on 4" omni with default motor cartridges. Similarly, a unit of time could be defined by observing how long it takes clawbot to travel the distance of its body length. And for the unit of mass, you can guess it too - “1 clawbot”!

Quantity SI Units (eww!) Proposed VEX Unit
length m clawbot body length
mass kg clawbot weight
speed m/s clawbot speed on 4" omnis
time s clawbot body length / clawbot speed
electric current A max current of the VEX motor
amount of substance mol clawbot kit (276-2600)

Then we could conduct our vexforum buisness with an unheard-of efficiency.

For example, we can poll EPs about the average amount of VEX parts left on the field after the competition, measured in clawbot kits or compared to the weight of an EDR clawbot.

Or we could ask them how many School Buses worth of students are left behind after an average VRC competition.

The possibilities are endless and are clearly off the scale when measured with Mother Cow Index.

I don’t know if there is any hope of change that could result from a serious discussion about metric system but, at least, we could lessen our unit conversion pains and enjoy some metrology memes.


Please, keep all replies on topic of units of measurement, metrology, and amazingness of the EDR clawbots.


what is your proposed unit of measurement for angular velocity

Same as in SI - linear velocity divided by radius or radian per unit of time.

Or to visualize it in clawbot system of units - the speed with which clawbot turns in place.

If your programmer forgot to reverse motors on one side of the drivetrain and your robot was spinning in place for the whole autonomous, trust me, you know it very well now.

But, honestly I was expecting more tricky questions, like what quantity has a unit of 1DQ.


At this point, I don’t think Illyana is a singular person, but like the Wendy’s twitter is run by several people with way too much time on their hands


You forgot luminous intensity. Candelas is the si unit. I propose the replacement unit should be “light that a plugged in smart port produces”.


Might I place add a 2nd unit of length of 0.125 in. Sine that’s what vex is based off of. Also is the claw length measured when the claw is up or down?

I would also like for there to be 2 obscure measurement with one being 1.168 mm (this is how wide metal lock bearing are) and 4.30 mm which is the length between the center of the curve on the edges of vex holes and to center of the curve on the other side.

Now if you don’t mind I will go back to fusion 360 running at 0 frames when ever I try to add a part I haven’t added before or make sketch

Also when using something like volume would it be clawbots as efficiently packed together or smooshed together.

Edit: Also why isn’t this in vex competition since this would be useful during interviews


My suggestion for speed will be according to the standard or default gear cartridge - 200rpm.

So we will just need to say - 2x speed (which will be equivalent to 400 rpm), etc.


that would be hilarious if like all the kids walked into the interviews and started talking about unheard of measurements and the notebooks were carefully documented in VU (vex units) and all the judges were like …WAT???


Might I suggest the length of one tile instead?


Tower cups could be the cup measurement…


This is the most we’ve had to go in the realm of guessing her identity since she joined. Also, this is the single best comparison of a (possible human to something inhuman in years.


I prefer to measure everything in snailbots but, if that’s not possible, then



I see that you are missing the Candela and Kelvin equivalents. Might I suggest we define:

Brightness - cd - brain screen
Temperature - K - A scale from 0 (the temperature of canned air being used to freeze a motor) to 100 (the temperature a motor stalls at with 0 DRow-clawbot body length of torque resisting it)


Are we considering the Cortex Clawbot with 393 motors or the V5 Clawbot’s speed? I just want to be sure before I adjust my code.


That was was my original thought as well. But then I found this wind speed chart and started to fall in love with its beautiful simplicity.

wind speed chart


< i don’t have one for this but am open for suggestions>
clawbot tipped over
clawbot in my sister teams’ work area
out the classroom
i’ve lost my clawbot




even better



Make sure your robot is within the 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.75 field tile size limit.


Perhaps we could make a measurement for spam, I propose three levels:
Level 1: Accidental spam, making a post that might not be the most relevant to the current discussion
Level 2: Joining the forum for the exclusive purpose of marketing a product



Level 3: Joining the forum for the exclusive purpose of marketing a product in a different language


I think its hilarious that level 2 defaulted to a system message when it migrated.