Best Type of Grease for Vex Plastic Gears?

What do you find is the best type of grease for vex gears. Is it graphite powder, white lithium grease, WD - 40 etc.

First of all, I wouldn’t use graphite powder - it is just too messy.

Also, do not use WD-40 or any household lubricants that have petroleum distillates (like 3-in-1) on any of the plastic parts. It may seem fine at the beginning, but you never know how plastic will be affected in the long term:

At the very least, you want to use a lubricant that specifically states on the packaging that it is compatible with plastics. We use UltraLube 4x white lithium grease and it seem to work fine both for motor’s internal and external gearing. The only downside is that over time it collects dust and needs to be cleaned and reapplied every few month.

My team uses white lithium grease for everything and it works very well.

I Second that, white lithium grease is all we use. It is great because it is not corrosive or damaging to the plastics, and better than oils like WD-40 because with grease, the oil is captured inside the actual cream-like substance, and the oil is released under and pressure or movement, then sucked back in when the pressure or movement has ceased. This makes it last much longer than any sort of oil (which i don’t even think is legal)

We also used white lithium grease for a while. But in the end we decided it was too messy and wasn’t making a considerable difference in performance.

But if you are going to use grease i would go with white lithium. It is cheap, easy to use, and works on most vex materials.

Thanks, for all your answers!