Bingo card for v5

I made a bingo card for next year’s vex game. any ideas for things to add/ change?
We ran out of ideas at the end so some of the tiles should probably be merged.


Video replay?

Thanks teams for adding more work for EPs :slight_smile:


I feel like expanding robots should be changed a little, because robots will kind of expand no matter what.(unless it is something like a pushbot)


We could make that the free space

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Yeah. expanding robots meanto to be like robots that expanded at the start and never went back down like the traybots from tower takeover. but that’s one of the ones that i think should be changed the most

No omnis should be the free space😂


Oh, makes sense I thought might be what it meant

I would say replace weird shapes or free with video replay and replace the other with Omni wheels. :joy: Both of @BobbyfromJamaica and @lacsap s ideas.

Here’s another one.

Sorry for late reply.
Could you elaborate on what you mean by video replay?

Locked Omnis should be the free space. I have never seen so many Locked omnis wheels this season. I even have one team with all four wheels being locked. “They have more traction than the regular wheels” /sigh


Currently T1b prohibits refs from looking at videos (video replays) of the match to determine calls.

Why would y’all be fighting to add a bingo space that is guaranteed to never be filled by anyone?

Y’all probably already aren’t going to get a bingo anyways… :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


They do… The flex wheel tires have even more, but the 4" Traction Wheels are notably non-tractiony.


Any science to back that up? I love being wrong about things…

Yep, I’ll bet a V7 kit that there is a water game before video replay becomes a thing.

And no, I don’t have an inside track to DanMantz that based on the success of the drone program the 2022-23 year will see the launch of the Submersible Contest (RADAR) (RECF Aquatic Demonstration Autonomous Robotics) ™

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Awesome, thanks. I knew there were some science experiments, thanks to the link back to @holbrook link to the test.

The free space should be JANK.


I have actually found that they have a decent amount of traction on foam tiles with a very heavy robot (in fact, the surface of them actually left some temporary marks in the foam tiles when I left the robot on them overnight.)