Build up vrc club in public high school

Private club too expensive , want to ask how to build up a vex v5 club in our own public school ? Anyone has any experience to share please ?
1 how many teammates in one team
2 how much one member has to contribute to team per year ;
3 what’s your schedule ?
4 can vex support anything ?
5 who did you talk to ( school administrators) because v5 needs one whole room to practice and set up the competition floor .

Thank you :pray:

Hi! Welcome to the forums! As a VRC participant, I have an answer to your first question (not so much the others for now).

According to the VRC 2023-2024 game manual, “one or more students make up a team”. That being said, one thing my organization does is that depending on how many students are interested, they try to divide the students as evenly as possible into teams. Some things our organization likes to do is to get an idea of who the students would like to work with before grouping them together. Hope this helps, and sorry for not being able to answer your other questions!

  • I would approach your building principal to gauge their level of supporting a new club - MS and HS are different as HS has more autonomy.
  • You will need to have a faculty advisor in most cases - so approach teachers who are willing to spend time after school with the club.
  • Team sizes run from 1 to as many as you want - there benefits and drawbacks to team size (too small or too large).
  • Our MS club meets three times a week for an hour and a half after school.
  • It is not VEX that manages Team Grants, but RECF - so find out your Region’s Team Engagement manager, they are there to help.
  • You do not need a dedicated room for robotics, although that is nice :slight_smile: we did not have one for first three years (maybe four…). Our HS club operated in a Physics classroom for first seven years - they got really good at setting up a field! Kept perimeter walls in 12 foot sections stored along front side of classroom.

So cost for students - for MS we got funding for club, and donations in early years, so no cost to students. Getting building principal buy-in early on helps in getting some school budget to support the club.


Welcome to the forums. As I am also a new team, I cannot give personal advice. Though, I can relay info that I have heard and plan to use.

In my opinion, no less than 3, no more than 6. 4 is the sweet spot.

If you are talking about finances, it’s not a great idea to have teammates pay for the whole team. Look into sponsors, ask for money from your school, and do fundraisers.

Practice as much as people are comfortable. 3-5 practices a week is good.

I know there are grants, look at their website.

Talk to administors and stem/computer teachers. You don’t NEED a field but you will be glad to have one.

Along with all this, check out these resources.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!


V5 does not need a floor ? I mean competition floor ? Then we can build that club totally at home…

I kinda take back what I said, any team who wants to compete should have their own field. I meant that if you don’t have the money for a field, you can still build a robot and have a lot of fun.

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DIY field perimeter:


impressive!when kids don’t practice I can still use this floor for my other activities!