Buying Flex Wheels

My team is thinking of buying flex wheels for this year’s Spin Up Season. We are new to flex wheels and are seeking some advice on how they work and which ones we should buy. We have also heard that there are a couple of different parts that you need to buy in order for Flex wheels to be compatible with VEX axles. Here are our questions, answering any amount of them would help (Thanks in advance!):

  1. We know that there are different Flex wheel diameters, but are there any other differences between different sized flex wheels? What are your experiences with these sizes?
  2. What is the difference between diameter and durometer?
  3. What do the different colors and numbers such as Black and 60A signify? Any experience with these differences?
  4. How do VersaHubs work and what additional things do we need to buy to be able to get a flex wheel working on a VEX Axle?

the 60a, 30a and 45a signify the harness of the plastic on the durometer scale. the 2inch and 1.65inch flex wheels are also skinnier. the versa hubs go inside the flex wheels then you slide a hex adapter pice in and then you can put in the hs shaft or put in another adapter for the ls shaft


Ok, thanks for the explanation. Could you elaborate more on what the durometer scale means in the case of flex wheels? Do 60A, 30A, and 45A directly correspond to the relative harnesses? Which number do you think would be ideal for a Spin Up flywheel and which for an intake? Also, VEX listed many VersaHub adapters, so which ones do you recommend that we buy?

For the intake I would suggest 30a and for the flywheel it is all up to personal preferences.


these for the 1.65in and 2inch

these for 3inch + for these you still need the hex adapters


Yep, 30A is the softest compound, therefore making it the most “squishy.” 60A is a lot firmer, and therefore it has less compression.

Versahubs are the most convenient way to mount the 3” and 4” flex wheels.

Versahex adapters are the most convenient way to mount the 1.625” and 2” flex wheels.
Side note: I would highly recommend the 1/4 length versahex adapters to mount these flex wheels. The 1/8 adapters tend to fall out easily.

Check out this thread to learn more about mounting flex wheels.

Check out these YouTube videos comparing flex wheel compression levels with/without versahubs, as well as hardness levels.


Thanks for all the resources! They should help us a lot. How would we get the VersaHex adapters? Aren’t they discontinued?

I don’t know if they are discontinued but if you can’t get your hands on them this thread is about using alternate methods to mount flex wheels

A company called West Coast Products also sells the VersaHubs, flex wheels, and other accessories. You can order it from them just make sure the part number is the same as the one on VEXs website.


Ok. West Coast Products also sells 5" Flex Wheels. These aren’t listed on the VEX website, and the maximum size there seems to be 4". Does this mean the 5" flex wheels are illegal or just discontinued? What is the maximum flex wheel size that y’all have used?

5" flex wheels are not legal for use in vrc since they’re not listed as VRC legal on the vex robotics product page. The only legal flex wheel sizes are 1.625", 2", 3" and 4".


The 5” flywheels are only legal for VEX Pro. On Vex website any parts with the V5 marker are legal and as long as the part number is the same you can order it from outside sources.

Been looking around, but are the metal hex versa hubs vex legal?

I believe so. They have listed aluminum versa hubs on the vex website under the flex wheels section, so I’m pretty sure they’re legal now.