Better Ways to Mount Flex Wheels

Flex wheels are really good stuff, the compression and the friction make them perfect for intakes. Unfortunately, as some people have discussed, The hubs used on the 3" and 4" wheels really take a lot of compression out of them, especially in the 3" wheels. Which is a shame, because the 3" wheels are a really nice size imo. So I experimented in alternate solutions that don’t reduce the compression, and I’ve found a slightly odd one that seems to work. I wrapped a 6t sprocket with friction treads, and jammed it into the hole in the flex wheel. the fit is so tight and the friction is so much that the two pieces are essentially locked in rotation. it would take tremendous force to make the wheel spin independently of the sprocket, far more than intakes should ever encounter. There is concern of the wheels slipping off the sprocket vertically, but again, the friction is so great that I doubt this will happen under any forces these intakes should ever encounter.
flex fix
(the picture makes it look like that screw in the shaft collar is pushing on that one tread, but it’s actually not, just the angle. looks kind of janky in this picture though, even though it isn’t really)
I hope someone might find this useful, and if anyone else has any ideas I’d love to hear them.


This is very interesting to see. But have you actually tested it with that compared to the hub and if there is a difference do you think the difference is big enough to actually be more effective when intaking

its much much squishier like this. the hub removed almost all the compression, but this method preserves it.


Sorry for a very late reply but could you maybe send a video of squishing them with the hud and then with the method you created?

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I’m too lazy to take off the wheels and put hubs on them, but taran shows the squish on hubbed ones here:

and here is the squish on mine:

I’d say its somewhere around twice as squishy, give or take a little squishiness. Definitely a worthwhile improvement over the hubs.

Thanks for that. Now I do have one more question. Even though it is a 30a grade it seemed like you were kind struggling to squish it. Was it just a weird angle or something.

even the 30a ones are pretty rigid, so it does take a bit of effort to squeeze. my arm was in at a very awkward angle though and I’m weak so it looks much harder to squeeze in the video than it actually is. I don’t think I’m actually applying any more force to the wheel in the video than it appears taran is in his.


Ok thanks for the info that was a helpful



This is really good


Why are you leeking the sauce?!?!??!


Hmmm, I’ll be using this for sure.


my team wants to put them on the crunch bot what are some good way to do this

I don’t think flex wheels could make a significant different in the performance of a crunch bot. but if you wanted to mount them, just replace the flap roller with a flex wheel.

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Does just a normal 6 tooth sprocket with chains rapped around it work, because it looks like the flex wheels could take a less tensioned adapter.

no, that’s way too loose.

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ok, so you have to use some kind of track to properly tension the inner core

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thank you for the help

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do you have any more tips xenon27

about mounting flex wheels to a crunch robot? no. its pretty much the same as the flap roller in terms of mounting and it won’t improve the crunch robot to the point where it becomes more competitive.


Hey, I actually found a really good way to mount flex wheels, if you use 2 intake rollers and shove them in the wheel, it will work rlly well. I made a YouTube tutorial on this today: