Can you have controller input before a match without the motors moving?

During a match, does controller input still get read if the code is in pre auton? Wondering so I can have an auton picker using controller input.

No, controller input will not be read in pre auton. I’ve seen people select auton using a controller by hopping into driver control before a match, and saving the results in a sd card however

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No controller input on pre-auton. In past teams have used the orange jumpers in the 3 wire ports to tell what routine to run.

One of my favorites is the use of the three wire potentiometer. As the potentiometer moves it selects a routine. To make it discrete steps teams use a sprocket with a screw as a pointer. Teeth move past a screw, the teeth act as detents. (use of the rubber bushing helps with this). This allows for about 10 different auto settings.

Long article on how to do this. VEX Sensors: Potentiometer • Renegade Robotics

There are also 5 or so posts about this, search is your friend.


The other option is to use a limit/bumper switch picker, like mentioned in here:

The Brain, however, is able to receive Screen press events during the “Disabled” state, and many teams will use either the PROS LCD-emulator or other UI elements (such as the Button example from James, that was extended by WalshBots, and, I suspect, others)


An alternative solution to what has been mentioned so far is to have your auton selector with the controller during pre-auton, but don’t plug into field control until after you have finished the selection. This way you can still do the selection with the controller without needing to add any extra sensors or take the screen protector off.

See also this detailed explanation from James in Competition code and user created tasks . The important section is: