Change Up Robot in 24 Hours Reveal - MARC

Here it is I suppose:

It’s been a long day but I’m proud to announce to you the team MARC robot in 24 hours build. If you have any questions about the bot, our design thoughts, or really anything feel free to leave them below.

That was awesome!!! I love everything about this reveal!


I like your idea of the hoarder.


Me seeing this and sending the link to the team builder.


God damn that hoarder is big brain


Is the bottom intakes controlled with only 1 motor?

Yes. 2 for the upper intakes, 1 for the bottom ones

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Which functions did you code on each button on the controller?

The gdc is probably regretting releasing this game right after tower takeover


Great job with this robot. Unfortunately for me, this is exactly what I was designing. Just hadn’t finished the CAD yet. This game is so weird because this is the meta, 24 hours later. This kind of robot will be prominent throughout the entire season, so it will be hard to gain much of an edge. At least in terms of the robot build, there are plenty of other ways, but they may be less direct.

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I think something like this will be the early season meta, but late season you’ll need something capable of scoring and descoring simultaneously to be competitive

edit: this was supposed to reply to @JD6


How did you power the bottom intakes with one motor?


yes they are both controlled off of one 200 rpm motor

we coded them for drive on right analog, intake on right 1 and 2, lift on left 1 and 2, and the hoarder intake on the left and right buttons


the motor is on the right side between the 2 drive motors and it chained to a gear box. that distribute the power to 2 other sprockets that then get chained to the roller


sprocket and chain most likely

Thanks a lot!

no problem, just helpin teams get ideas

I’ve been thinking of a way to sort the 2 different balls, as you really dont want to score for your opponent. One of my ideas was something like this hoarder, and this confirms that it is useful. (One of my less useful thoughts was implementing this but passive, using the normal intakes.) Anyways, thank you for sharing, and MARC op