Changes to vex?

Let me just start this by saying how much I genuinely love Vex and how amazing I think it is. That being said, I don’t want to be ignorant to the fact that this program is not perfect (no program like vex really is if we’re being honest), so I’m just curious, what are issues that you have noticed in vex that we could work as a community to try and figure out so that Vex can be even better than it already is?
This isn’t me trying to bring up negativity or find an outlet to complain or anything similar, I’m just trying to find ways to make Vex better so that it can stay around for generations to come and continue improving.


Personally I think replays for a match should be allowed if they are video taped, to my knowledge the only reason this rule exists is to keep matches from slowing down, but to me if something means worlds or not is fairly important.

Edit: I mean replays as in like no re doing the match but using video evidence to determine a violation.


Video replays in elimination matches maybe…


How about let’s not have yet another thread about video replay.

This topic is worth reviving only once someone comes up with genuinely viable solutions to the multitude of obstacles currently in the way of video replay.


This thread is not just about video replays though


we need to fix the issue where people, if young enough, can take a victory lap in high school to do another year in vex.

this actually happened.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with this thread. Just don’t turn it into a thread about video replay, which is the direction in which the first few replies seem to be going.


I think the thing that could be changed, and wouldn’t require the RECF, is the entitled attitude a lot of competitors seem to have that they deserve to win, and their not winning is a sign of something wrong. Just saying


Yesss. I think that a lot of it has to do with where they come from too (schools with more money are generally more entitled and “deserve” to win more than teams from schools with less). I would love to fix that

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I would personally love for V6 to be wireless, or at least have wireless motors. This would allow for you to put motors in places where maybe motor controllers or smart cables can’t reach, which would open up a whole new dimension of creativity.

Whoa there hold your horses. Gotta wait at least 6 more years for that.

This would require batteries INSIDE the motors. The motors would be very large and very heavy and would require individual recharging. @jpearman, correct me if I’m wrong, but with current technology and the current prices of ~$30 per motor, this very far from possible.


I mean batteries in the motors or a way to beam power to each motor.
Which is also a practical impossibility.


This isn’t a problem though, especially with this year having so many seniors unable to go to worlds

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I, for one, might be doing another year of high school to continue HS vex as well

what do you mean by this?

Maybe a change in the forum that you can’t start a new topic unless you have some combination

  • 10 posts in 10 different topics
  • some number of hearts
  • some length of time on the forum
  • did the start up process learning how the forum and the search bar works

That’s a really good idea

Good idea, though I’d just do the start up process, most people join for the purpose of asking for help.


I like the idea, but there are alot of teams that come to the forums for help only days before competitions and need quick answers.


Or to post if their (State, Regional, or World) has been (delayed, postponed, cancled) and if the new game will come out (today, later this week, next month) and how (unfair, super sad) all of this is and that RECF should (just postpone, put everyone into the (September, October or 2021) ) Worlds competition.

Oh and the prior weeks about how they got DQ’ed for pushing the cube they control across the center line and how unfair that was even if the referee did say that in the drivers meeting.

And the ones from the IQ teams that moving the cube by hand in programming is wrong.

Those we can do without, the help ones are fine.