Coming Soon: VRC Anti-Static Tiles

We are happy to announce an exciting new product for use in the VEX Robotics Competition, Anti-Static Foam Field Tiles!

Electrostatic Discharge, referred to as ESD, is the buildup of an electrical charge on non-conductive surfaces and the eventual discharge, like lightning, to a grounded item. The effects of static electric shocks on VEX electronics can vary from processor resets to possible silicon component failure. ESD is significantly worse in the winter when low humidity reduces surface moisture and therefore the conductivity that dissipates electrostatic charges. VEX robots are susceptible to electrostatic buildup caused by rolling friction of the wheels on non-conductive surfaces.

All this becomes a thing of the past with Anti-Static field tiles, as these were specifically designed to prevent ESD Buildup. In our testing, Anti-Static Tiles consistently showed little to no static buildup at all! These new tiles are also reversible, essentially doubling their lifetime, and allowing for much quicker field assembly.

All this said, it should be noted that these Anti-Static tiles will NOT interlock with the existing Foam Tiles, but otherwise are practically identical. They are functionally equivalent, and any minor differences that do exist (color, thickness, Coefficient of Friction, etc.) are extremely negligible, and should not impact robot-field interaction.

It should also be noted that Anti-Static Tiles do not come in Red or Blue, so fields that use the new tiles will be completely gray. Both the existing tiles, and Anti-Static Tiles (upon their release) will be legal for use at all VRC Events for at least the next several years (as noted in the most recent update to the Tower Takeover Field Appendix). VEX Worlds 2020 will use Anti-Static Tiles for all competition and practice fields.

From this point forward, the existing Field Tile Pack (278-1502) will only be available while supplies last. Based on our forecasting, we anticipate that we will be completely out of stock by the end of 2019. We expect to start shipping the new Anti-Static Tiles no later than February 1, 2020. Note that with this schedule, there could be a small gap where no foam field tiles will be available.

If you are an Event Partner in need of foam tiles for a VRC event being held in December 2019 - early January 2020, we would strongly advise ordering them ASAP. If you need them for an event in mid-January or later, we would recommend waiting until the new tiles are available to ensure that you are set with new tiles for the long term. Your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager may also be able to help you network with nearby teams or Event Partners to borrow a set of tiles.

We are extremely excited to share this update with you, and hope that our community will join us in ushering the next era of VRC field materials! As always, if you have any questions about this transition, please contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] or by phone at 903-453-0802.


RIP Colored Tiles
Does this mean future games will no longer have designated starting/parking zones?


I guess they could be elevated like last year, but I don’t know. They already kinda phased them out this year, they could have been planning this for a while.

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Colored tile park bonuses are gone!!
[Insert Crab Rave]


I got you


YAS FINNALY My motor wont fliping kill iteself

Rip all the time spent putting anti static spray on our field.


Ok cool but ESD protected V5 ports when?


Great news!

I did ask this past EP Summit, if there was a possibility this would happen. I was told no, it wouldn’t happen.

I spent $250 on another solution, unfortunately. But that’s small potatoes, this is a really good thing. Very happy to see a broad solution that will be everywhere.


Future games will have whatever the game manual says. Could be a description (“start on the corner tile”) could be marked with field tape, could be a game elements, could be like this year (“start against the wall on your side”). It really doesn’t matter, just less colorful.


Agreed, the IQ teams do fine without a ‘special colored’ tile in their games.


If we have the current field tiles will we be able to get a discount or some type of trade for the new tiles when the come out?


Will these tiles be used at worlds?


Yes, the new tiles will be used at Worlds.
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Dude, I played this in class without knowing what it was (didn’t read the post before) on max volume


Sorry but I couldn’t help myself:

(new field tiles trade in program when???)


is there an old field tile trade in program?

Works just fine in FTC.

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“These tiles are also reversible, essentially doubling their lifetime”

Yay for that.


I don’t think so that was a joke. All the information is in that first post, any facts claiming to be facts underneath it aren’t facts.

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