Field Tile Legality Clarification

My organization still uses the older competition field tile kit instead of the newer anti-static field tiles, so I was wondering whether the older field tiles are still legal for competition use or not. In 2019, when the anti-static field tiles were introduced, it was mentioned that both versions of the field tiles would be legal for the ‘next few years’ but, at least to me, it’s unclear whether it is still legal:

The product page of the legacy field tiles (above) shows that the older field tiles are still legal for use (with it indicating that it is VRC, VAIRC and VEX U legal), but Appendix A of the game manual for Over Under (and, as far as I know, all game manuals after Tower Takeover do not list both field options, with only the anti-static version listed in the field bill of materials. Specifically, in the Tower Takeover manual, it was mentioned that both field tile types were legal:

I started considering this issue after field installation for Over Under because the standoffs used to connect the field elements and the metal plates underneath the field didn’t seem to go into certain gaps particularly well and, in some occasions, caused minor damage to the older field tiles. I felt that this could be because of foam tile legality, so I wanted to see whether there were any clarifications.


Seems like there is no update regarding this…

The reason that I made this forum post is because of (at least to me) conflicting information in regard to the use of the older field tiles from the information on the product page and in the game manual.

Maybe this is worth a Q&A?