Community-Made Programming Environments


Hey everyone, I wanted to know if there are more software developing tools like PROS made by the community that can help to code the autonomous or the robot in general?



There’s ConVEX for the Cortex:

But none besides PROS available for V5 as far as I know.

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I think there is/was notVCS for v5 but I think he discontinued it with the preview release of vexCode

Edit: see comment by Barin

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NotVCS was merely a script to work around some of VCS’s limitations while still using VCS for the API, compiler, etc. It was in no way a standalone environment, just an auxiliary tool to make VCS more usable.

As such, it really does not belong on this list with the likes of PROS and ConVEX.



my bad, I never looked into it a lot, I just knew of its existance