Compact back lift

I want to make a compact 1m back lift, or something to go lift the mobile goal like 1in off the ground. Any ideas.

Also I need to be able to put rings on it

you could use a 4 bar itz-style intake, however that takes a bit of space inside the robot.

A 2bar lift shouldn’t take much space inside of the robot, and some teams use that lift for scoring rings.


You could check out our reveal video…we have two one motor lifts with one of them using a pneumatics tilter for rings.

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I really just want something that gives me about a inch of clearance

If you want an inch of clearance your best bet would be a tiler or an itz lift. I would say that the tiler is more reliable and more compact, but the itz lift holds them much more securely and can hold them in the vertical direction.

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I tried making one but it doesn’t work for alliance mobile goals. And the yellows slip

It definitely does work for both alliance and neutral mobile goals if you build it right. There are also methods that can be used to prevent slipping.

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Can you show me bc my tilted isn’t the best

I don’t have a good image of a tiler, because I am not currently using one on my robot. If someone else has a filter that they wish to share they might post it but I don’t have an image of one close up.

Ok do you have any resources I could look at?

I know 3324B has a good tilter but I don’t know if you can see it in their video. Dougie mech is kind of a tilter and there is a full video on that.

This might work.


yeah but you shouldnt use a dougie mech with a motor.

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If you only need to lift it about an inch off the ground, would you consider using a cam? You could set the lift right on top of the cam and it would only lift a little bit.

I honestly don’t know what a cam is


Would that work for a mobile goal?

I can send you a picture in like 3.5 hours (of a tilter)

Ok, can you.

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@7996B Has a great lift on the back of their robot that lifts it off the ground.