Are rings really worth it

Our team was thinking about using a ring intake but couldn’t get it to work (because the flaps kept getting caught and I wad
S wondering if the rings were really worth it

It mostly depends on your region. If you are in a place with a lot of mogo-focused bots, having rings would put you at a significant advantage. And the importance of rings will increase at higher level competitions such as worlds because there will usually be a 4-3 split of mogos which means that rings are pretty much necessary to win at that point.


So far you have asked for this forum to design your robot 3 times, this being your fourth. You shouldn’t rely on the forum to help you with these things. While im saying this now as advice because figuring this out will help you learn as a builder, it could also become a G2, G6, and R2 violation. Figuring this stuff out is part of the challenge, and you should test and experiment. It doesn’t matter if something doesn’t work if you can understand why it doesn’t work, allowing you to fix it in design iterations. That is the goal of VEX. It was made to teach kids the engineering design process and other skills. Its not about winning, its about the process it took to get there.

To answer if rings are worth it, absolutely. Alliance Goal rings can make enough points to be equal 3 goals in the alliance zone. While most teams will elevate their goals, it would then count for 1 elevated and one in the platform. It seems like not a lot compared to MOGOs, but it really does help you win most of your matches if you have it.


If you already can do goals then yes, otherwise no

I wasn’t asking how to build it I was asking if rings were worth it.

Dude did you literally withdraw both posts


yes. it gives you an opportunity for the auto win point, you can score 30+ points on one Alliance goal, and it gives plenty other backup strategies if something goes wrong. So yes, I would definitely build a ring scorer.

I was just saying that ideas would be appreciated. Also isn’t asking for help what the forum is about

You were clearly asking for a ring design. I am all for people asking for help on the forums, but mainly for specific things that are not working or small parts of the robot. Just asking for a design for you to use violates the rules of the game manual. While they will probably not be enforced, It just breaks the spirit of VEX as a whole.

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Ok I will consider that the next time posting I am just kind of new to v5.

I can delete this topic if that would help

same for me; it’s my second year. I would suggest asking for tips and advice from high-level teams, then you don’t have to keep asking for help.


The question of if rings are worth it is dependent on a lot of factors.

What are you trying to get out of this season?

If you are trying to win a tournament, then it will likely be dependent on your region.

If you are trying to do really fantastic in skills, then rings will be worth it for adding more points to your skills score. But they will be second to being very strong in Mogos. If you just want to be mediocre in skills, focusing on Mogos is your best bet.

If you are hoping to get good experience to be better next year, many robots in Vex include some variation of intaking. Gateway, Sack Attack, Toss Up, Nothing But Net, Turning Point, Tower Takeover, and Change Up all had a lot of intaking for robots. Getting practice building effective intakes will likely serve you well in the future.


Rings are really worth it, but only if you do them well. If you can’t score them quickly and reliably, it simply isn’t worth the effort and the motor. But if you can, those points will often make the difference between winning or losing, especially if very few other robots in your region can do so.

I would prioritize having 2 goal capacity and the ability to manipulate those two goals well above rings though, because if you can’t get that right than you likely won’t be able to get a conveyor right. Start with the simple way to gain the biggest advantage, holding 2 goals, and work from there.

However if you feel like you have goals down pretty well then I’d encourage you to try rings, intake and conveyor systems are a very important type of mechanism in vex and the skill to make them well is important if you want to be really successful in the long run.


There are some good points, and I agree that those three posts when put together are not good to see. Despite this, there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from others.

This thread is completely fine. Strategic discussions are always acceptable even if they are made by a person designing their entire bot.
Looking at the posts you mentioned, individually only the 4 bar lift mounting is not good. These is most certainly a problem that the builder should be able to solve. You would probably be able to be a GM violation.
But general design-related discussions are always acceptable in an online community. The other two posts in my opinion fine, but I do agree that the repetitiveness is concerning

TL and badly worded DR
Strategy and design discussion should always be allowed, but @BobbyfromJamaica repeatedly doing this is concerning.


Of course, It’s my bad if I didn’t make this clear enough in my post. Asking for help is ok, but having major subsystems of your robot designed by other people is not.

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I am going to state the obvious here - every scoring opportunity is worth it!

Why would it not be? Think it through, all things being equal, and you lost mobile goal advantage and other alliance is able to balance the platform with robots and mobile goals elevated, where will you be able to pull ahead?

Also, the very questions you are asking have been discussed in previous topics on this forum.

I’m going to assume what you mean is “Are ring systems worth the time to build?”.

In that case, the answer is, it really depends.

Do you want to compete at a very high level, with some of the very best teams? Then yes, any points are worth it, as @lacsap stated. If you’re just learning or looking to have fun, then I do understand that ring systems can be, to put it mildly, a pain to build and tune.

If you REALLY don’t want to, having a good mogo lift system and being able to climb the platform can still make you a serious contender at a lot of locals (depending on where you are).

Build it. Unless you really don’t want to/don’t have the time.


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