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I have bean doing research on how to do brain buttons for autonomous but everyone uses vexcode text I am currently using blocks but I can figure out how to make the buttons appear on the brain

Here’s a good tutorial thread:

The link you gave was about text.

The same coding applies to blocks. (That is, unless there are no blocks for printing to the brain. In that case, just switch to text.)

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These are the display blocks

@4869Robotics Boom there they are.

Um uh could you explain how to do it with blocks? I don’t see something like a “When button pressed” block.

This is an example code (in blocks) which makes a button in the upper left hand corner of the brain screen and senses when the button is pressed:

Ok, I have 3 auton routines. Would it look like this:
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Please tell me if the numbers are wrong.
Also where would the actual auton code go?

I dont know i am also still confused on how this will work

Were would the auton code go?

under when auton
You put a if “blah” is true, then do this
If “blah2” is true, then do this

i know this thread is older but i just got around to playing with this code. Can you give me an example of were the autonomous would go because i cant find anything.

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yes but how would i make it actualy run the code after the button is presed

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