CREATE U.S. OPEN Middle and High School Division

Who all is going to US Open? I feel like that one guy who isn’t going to Worlds so I wanted to create a chat for the US Open people. If you are coming to US Open, feel free to chat about your robot or how excited you are to come! :smiley: I sure am!

I’m with team 120E, and we are going to the US Open.

Dangit, You’re High School Division so I won’t get to play you. But hey, I wish the best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy your journey to Council Bluff. :smiley:

Team 6001C here, no world’s qualification for the second year in a row, so US Open it is.

I (8452A) will be going, high school division.

I’m like the only one in Middle School Division haha. Well, I hope you do great at the competition and have a great time as well.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to stop by your pit, it seems like a great robot.

Thank you so much! Last year, we did High School Division but it was full this year.

The Storm are going! Sadly again for the high school division.


7536 B will be there and at Worlds

I wish you the best of luck in the high school division :slight_smile:

I think @technik3k is in the middle school division at US Open

Team number?


Yay, VEXMen :slight_smile:

3018V is going to the middle school division ( emphasis on the middle school :)).

Yay! I may get to play you >:D

Whats the difference between worlds and US Open?

US Open is Nationals For the United States, Vex Worlds is Championship for all countries.