Cursed Images for iq

They had something like this for vrc but I wanted to see some images for vex

You can put / see “cursed images” for VEX IQ in the Cursed Images topic, as it is Chit-Chat / Rumor Mill. This means that it is for general pictures of robots, not specific to any VEX program.
Also, VEX IQ General Discussion topics are for discussing VEX IQ, and not necessarily memes, jokes, cursed images, etc.

If you have a cursed image, post it the Cursed Images topic, and if you wanted to see any, just scroll through the 1,400+ replies.

And just a reminder, T.H.I.N.K. before you post:


T.H.I.N.K. Poster

I agree with @1408F here,


This. dosn’t. need. to. exist.

Because there already is a pretty fire thread about this subject. I suggest you take down this thread then scroll through all of the cursed images (on the official thread) that Vex Forums
has to offer!

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I’m reading the guidelines right now. I can tell they are very important


thanks for letting me know