Decide on our team name

My team doesn’t have a name yet. If you have any ideas that aren’t taken yet post them. We were thinking
Over Drive
Hyper Drive
Loose Cannons
[Insert Name]


How about Revamp?
I was thinking to make our team name that but we decided on something else

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Hyper drive is taken my guy

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Darn… Well scratch that then

I like that alot. Thank you

‘The glass cannons’ lol

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Just name the team B u t t e r n u b s


how about butter nubble

is there a unique landmarker around u like a swamp or desert or mountains

or a certain animal or something unique bout ur city, state, or region. like Wisconsin is known for cheese and butter. or maybe ur mascot then add robo to front of it. for example lets say bears. u could be robobears.


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Trying to convince my team to name our team this but Chuck Tate
Also some people in robotics at my school have named themselves invictus (I’ll add a link later). You could try something Latin is what I’m getting at

I’m in that video lol
Also when they say amazing students they are totally lying most of us were meme lords

Roboty mc robot face

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I live in Ohio. The only thing that is famous is roller coasters and rock n roll

I asked my team, they said it is stupid. I like that name though. Nutter Bubs

Ohio is boring

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Our team has chosen our name but if you’re looking for a more “themed” name, “cube conductors” sounds pretty cool to me, it could be train themed : D

Haha my name suggestion got deleted lol