Descorer - Is it worth the extra motor?

In preparation for worlds, my team was wondering if we should build a descorer/scraper and use a 2 motor drive instead of a 4 motor drive (v5). Can a 2 motor v5 drive still be competitive? I only saw one cap stacking robot at States, Will there be more at worlds?

Our motor distribution is as follows:
4 motor drive
2 motor flywheel
1 motor adjustable hood
1 motor intake

It could be competitive, but it isn’t worth it in my opinion. You might be able to add it on to another component (the hood?), but I wouldn’t make major drive changes for worlds.

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Keep a 4 motor. Defense is going to be extremely prevalent.


If you are going to have a descore mechanism, you could try stringing it to the angling mechanism so if the angling mech goes forward past a certain amount it raises the descoring mech. Also passive scoring mechanisms exist too. :slight_smile:

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I think linking it to something else would be the best option to save a motor. Mine was a multifunctional plate built inot the back of my robot.


image image

It was a ram, ground cap flipper, really quick descorer (worked with @meepmeepme on that aspect. Go check out his reveal Here ), and just general pushing arm for flags if need be. It was arguably my favorite part of my robot.



If you are in Engineering don’t, otherwise it would be a fine Idea :smile:


Honestly, a passive descore bar is totally worth the extra effort. Its not that much, just hold a bar at an angle, and then when you drive into a pole, it rides up and pushes it off. We finished ours in around an hour ish. (it could’ve been shorter but distractions are real)

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Yeah, dont go for a descoring mechanism if you’re in Engineering :slight_smile:


Obviously not, I thought it was implied not to go for a descoring mechanism if you’re in engineering


A flywheel should only need one motor and you could use the extra motor for the scraper.

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We are a middle school team

Do you have any pictures or videos? I would like to see this in action.

We were having trouble using one motor (and we wanted to hit those spicy full court shots in autonomous)

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You should be able to hit full court shots with one motor v5, but descorer is worth it because you could shove teams off the platforms easily and at state it helped us win matches by pushing two teams off platform in the last 5 seconds and denied them 9 points

How is it possible to hit full court shots with one v5 motor? Also, should out flywheel be compressing the balls or barely making contact with the balls?

Compression, but not too much. I see rubber bands around the wheel a lot, probably helps with that.

It shouldn’t compress the ball. The ball should either compress the flywheel, or the hood. The ball is rigid.

Also, let’s not derail this thread.

To get back on topic, I came up with a spectacularly intricate linkage for dual-purposing a descorer into a separate ball rake. Really too late to help, but I might be able to dig it up if anyone is interested.

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@Got_a_Screw_Loose I’d love to see. Feel free to post it.
I think that descorers are only really great if you can also score or do some other function. Ball retrieval is turning out to be crucial to a lot of turning point, from autonomous routine to pulling balls out of the corners of the field. But caps can give you an excellent edge especially if your opponents can’t descore. It’s just that caps are so hard to score that nobody likes them. Our team has a dual purpose scorer and descorer. Works fairly well but we haven’t focused on caps for obvious reasons. I am betting now that at least three of the cap posts will be used in the finals at worlds. But the main focus will still be flags.

I forgot to draw a rubber band pulling the take back into the “up” position, but you get the point. This was an old thing I thought up, and never really put any more thought into.

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I highly advise against 2 motor v5 drive, Although it will work, mobility is way too important in turning point and you are just going to pushed around being defended on while you yourself can’t defend at all since you have no torque.

At our states competition during a qualifying match, our partner was a 2 motor drive mixed-bot. We keep telling them to help us with flags or play defense on someone but they didn’t listen because they say their drive will break if they contact too much. so they end up slowly scoring 2 caps throughout the driving period without even parking cause they couldn’t. We lost that match, and that messed us up for elims.

your motor distribution is fine as is,
but if it were my bot, i would only have 1 motor flywheel then a 1 motor passive cap scorer.