Dremel or Angle Grinder

So I’ve wanted to get my hands on one for a while, but I can only get one
Among other personal projects, I want to use it to cut our C channels into half cuts.
Which would work better for cutting Aluminum?
Ease of use, cost, etc.
Also, any recommendations for dremels/angle grinders?



I would recommend the dremel over the angle grinder because of its ease of use and having better control over it then a angle grinder and its smaller so its easier to drag to competitions. A junky angle grinder would be cheaper but if you want a good one it will come around to about the same price as the dremel. Also since angle grinder blades are thicker it leaves more metal that you have to file off. I would recommend a multi speed dremel and the ez-lock chuck and blades.

For general work, Dremel is nice because its small. However I prefer an angle grinder for making 1x1 L because the larger wheel is easier to keep straight. And both will cost you about the same, as Ethan just said.

For vex, using an angle grinder is usually going to be over kill unless you are cutting most everything lengthwise. For what you are going to use it for (cutting c-channels into half wide) an angle grinder would be quicker, however a dremel tool will work nearly or just as well since they wont be a single continuous cut, but rather small ones connecting the center holes. If you were instead cutting plates lengthwise into single wide pieces, an angle grinder could be better.
You also want to look at what materials you will be cutting. Steel is going to take much more time than aluminum to cut properly and will wear more on the cutting disc. If you are only planning on cutting vex pieces, usually aluminum, a dremel tool will be more than sufficient. If you are planning on cutting a lot of steel and using it for larger (metal cutting) projects outside of vex, an angle grinder will be better.
This brings up the next point, versability, a dremel rotary tool is going to be much more versatile than an angle grinder, with a lot more bits you can use. The cut-off wheels will also be thinner and with a lower diameter than an angle grinder, allowing for much more fine detail and precision. The dremel is also going to be easier to use and quicker to learn than angle grinding.
You also have to think about the amount of you are going to want to put towards replacing bits and cut-off wheels, as well as the initial cost of the tool, if you go to your local hardware store and compare prices and types available that will give you a better idea of what you want.
I personally use a dremel tool for all my vex cutting since it’s so versatile and allows for much more precision on the smaller scale. For metal work outside of vex, I almost always use an angle grinder.
Regardless of what you buy, always wear a mask to filter out the aluminum and steel dust (steel will mainly spark and keep in larger particulates, while aluminum will turn to powder) and wear safety glasses at all times.

You’ll burn through lots of cut-off wheels cutting c-channel into 1x1 angle. A fine-tooth blade in a hacksaw is probably more cost-effective and faster in the long run, and save the rotary tool for axles and hard-to reach places on the robot. Also, aluminum C-channels cut lengthwise into 1x1 angle are available from www.robosource.net There is obviously an up-charge over cutting them yourself, but what is the real cost of time and cutoff wheels, not to mention the neatness of machine-cut parts?

Dremel all the way. You can use it for Lexan, steel, aluminum, and the little sandpaper discs work as well on the metal as a file, but so much faster.

Use a Hack saw we allways use it for aluminum

Dremals make rugged ugly cuts

weld a dremel onto the blade of an angle grinder, and turn both of them on.
but tbh a dremel is better. angle grinders are great, but if I had to pick, dremel totally. it’s so much easier to use.

Use hacksaws and bandsaws. Dremels are really annoying sounding, and if you build well you should never need one. I’ve only started using a bandsaw this year, but it can really speed up the long cuts or make your smaller cuts more consistent. If you really want a rotary tool, definitely a dremel, because angle grinders are overkill, just like what other people are saying.

I prefer a hacksaw over a power tool. If the piece is properly clamped in a vice the cutting goes very quickly and comes out very clean. I challenge you to cut through a c channel with a dremel faster than I can with a sharp hacksaw.

I got 8.93 secs what u got?

+1 , 7 seconds with a hacksaw lol

Hack(saw)ers unite!

On a steel base plate?

I haven’t touched a steel vex piece in like three years. Aluminum c channel

oof Steel. Do you mean the cardbox of stuff nobody is allowed to put on a competition robot in the back of the room?

My new favorite is a handheld 18V reciprocating saw. Cuts through VEX parts like budda.