Drive train?

Can anyone give my team some ideas for a good drive train?
We are new and would like some suggestions.

Is this for VEX IQ or VRC? the topic is Vex code v5 tech support which isnt a topic for drive bases

Im also new to Vex Forum, so I still don’t really know how it works. -_-

well welcome to the forum, are you in VEX IQ or VRC?

We are in the VRC program

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these are some images I stole from @Ryan_4253B (he posted them in another topic) and they show the basics of a great drive base.

  1. Make sure to have enough cross bracing. These are pieces of c channel that go across the entire drive base and support every part of it.
  2. If possible, connect the front and back wheels using either gears or chain (chain is easier, gears can increase speed if set up in a gear ratio)
  3. Don’t cantilever your wheels. This is very important. Cantilevering is when you leave an axle unsupported on one side
  4. Use bearing flats, they reduce friction and are super important for any drive base
  5. I might add to this later in an edit with more info, idk

Some general tips are to make sure your wheels aren’t cantilevered. This means make sure to keep the wheels inside 2 points of contact for the shaft.

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Thank you for the info. I will be sure to tell my team.

If you need any additional help, don’t hesitate to ask.

you might find this topic helpful, I go over some of the things that make a quality drive and how to go about designing one for your needs.


Last year one of the brothers of a teammate got really angry at us for not using bearing flats, they are really important since they decrease friction on axles.

Guess i’ll just build onto the post. Another very important thing on the base is to reduce friction as too much friction can kill the drive. First is that you need to make sure the shaft spacing can not be too tight. Don’t try to force spacers in, all spacer should be able to freely spin while having just a tiny bit of margin left. Also, make sure your drive is perfectly aligned so friction can be minimized


Thank you all for the help. I will be sure to pass it on to other new Vex competitors, as well as to my team.

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You should use flat bearings for any type of axle or screw joint no matter where it is to reduce friction and help the mechanism run efficiently.

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kiwi drive or half x drive