Engineering Notebook Expectations At Worlds

so this is my first year in VEX and my team qualified for worlds. my team has won both Design and Excellence at competitions so we’re eligible to win them at worlds as well. as the person who does my team’s engineering notebook I’ve been thinking a lot about what it would take to win Design at worlds. What would my notebook need to be like in order to have an extremely good chance at winning ? currently I only have 1 notebook but how many books should I have, is 1 acceptable or should i have at least 2-4 ? any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

It’s hard to tell based on your explanation, but the only way to be qualified for design or excellence at worlds is to win design or excellence at States. Even if you won it at other competitions, you must have won at least one at states.

Refer to this thread for details

Can you clarify this so we can answer your question?

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yes i won excellence at state

The you are elligble for Excellence at Worlds. Excellence at worlds is done a little strangely, however. This is from the Judges’ Guide:

Excellence Award at VEX Worlds
Teams must have been awarded the Excellence Award at an official state/regional(multistate)/provincial/national championship event or a REC Foundation designated signature event during the current competition year to be eligible for Excellence at VEX Worlds. Teams must submit their Engineering Notebook to be considered for the Excellence Award at VEX Worlds.
If an individual team from a school or organization receives the Excellence Award at VEX Worlds, then the award is given to the entire organization, not just the single team. Each qualified team will be given a single Excellence Award interview slot. Schools or organizations with more than one eligible team will be given one Excellence interview slot with the score from the interview shared by all eligible teams from the school or organization. Team interview schedules will be sent via email to eligible teams the week of Worlds. Teams should ensure that they have listed a contact email in their account that they may access at the event.
Online Challenges are not required for teams to be eligible at VEX Worlds. Judges will however consider them as part of the overall team evaluation if they are submitted.

Good luck at Worlds!

Tips for your journal:

  • try to expand the number of notebooks you have by elaborating the contents of your notebook (once you have several notebooks, put them in a binder)
  • add many pictures for visuals
  • put several charts in you journal (for example if you have an arm that didn’t work, then make a charts or explanation of why)
  • have tabs for important sections
  • have examples of your programs in your journal

Just to clarify, you can also win Excellence at Worlds if you’ve won it at a Signature Event, even if you didn’t win it at States/Nationals.


Could you send a link or PDF of the Judges Guide? Also where would you submit online challenges, and do you have to sign up for an interview slot or will they put you on the schedule without having to sign up?

The Judges Guide can be found on the RECF website under Volunteer Resources

Online Challenge winners have just been anoucned for this year. The deadline to submit online challenges was Jan 15. The online challenges for 2019-2020 will reopen sometime in September of this year.


My team won the Design Award at VEX Worlds in the Technology Division last year(VIQC)

Your notebook MUST contain every major step in your design process. It must also illustrate collaboration, time management and other parts of the design process. As for the number of books you need, we took one binder with two notebooks last year. I don’t believe that length of the notebook is inherntly going to determine if you win Design or not. However, this late in the season, you should atleast have one notebook completed or almost completed to have a chnace of winning. If not the judges will think that you haven’t docuemented all of your design choices.

Please feel free to conteact me if you have additional questions

Congrats on your first trip to worlds.