Engineering Notebook Format

Hello! Just wanted to ask around for any ideas about some daily log formats.
I have been searching for hours for answers, but whenever I think I’ve found something, the link doesn’t work or I don’t quite get the answer I was looking for. If somebody could share any info they have, that would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I just realized that I should probably mention that this is a physical journal, not online.


There are some links you mind find useful under the engineering notebook section of the guide:


Thank you so much for this information, @9MotorGang ! This was definitely helpful, and I will keep this information in mind throughout this season.

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If you have the VEX notebooks, the first couple pages teach you how to use it, however, this is the format I use.

-Part 2/3(etc)
-Date & Signatures

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Thank you so much, @G00SE ! I will pass this on to my team!