Entering my first vex competition

I am excited to begin my first set of competitions. but to be honest, when I read the rules, it looked kind of overwhelming. what do I need to know once I begin, from inspection to the start of the match? because as I said, this is my first competition of anything.


This should have everything you need.


thank you for your reply, I do want to point out that where I’m in, is the state of Maine, and as a sophomore, this is kind of a really big deal for me, these are one of those first statewide things I’m doing, not to mention that, as well with the current pandemic, we are just getting back into school vs school competitive again. but yeah, thanks for the reply, I will be happy to know more once January rolls around.

It always feels that way whenever you start something new. Enjoy the first-time experience and know that everyone at the event is excited and curious just like you. The volunteers are there to help you succeed. Be polite and respectful and you will do fine.

Good luck!


thank you so much for your feedback!

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