Expected Time for Bluetooth Downloading

As VEXos 1.08 was released this morning and it now allows for wireless downloading without going through the controller; I and many other members of the community are wondering when will Vexcode Text and PROS will have this functionality? Are we looking in the week range or are we talking months? Thanks for all the info in advance!


Our initial focus for Bluetooth support is with VEXcode V5 Blocks on Android and iPadOS devices. After that, we’ll look at desktop support in both Blocks and Text, however I wouldn’t expect anything on “Desktop” platforms until early 2020.


Are Chromebooks included in the Android devices for your upcoming development cycle?

Chromebooks are already support for VEXcode V5 Blocks.

We are continuing to work towards VEXcode V5 Text working on Chromebooks, but likely won’t be available until early 2020 as well.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Will the initial support for v5 Bluetooth downloading include VEXCode v5 Blocks on the Chromebook, since you are initially working on the Android platform.

Or does Android OS != Chromebook OS, and Bluetooth download support will come later for VEXCode v5 Blocks on the Chromebook?

Ah, yes… initially BT support will be for Android / iOS only. ChromeOS falls under “desktop” category, so early 2020.

Probably worth mentioning the last I heard the bluetooth downloading won’t be faster than the current form of wireless downloading. Which means it provides only a minor benefit on desktops, and a significant benefit on tablets.

So its lower priority makes sense.


@hotel or @edjubuh does the PROS team have an idea when the PROS CLI will have bluetooth downloading?

We have not released any documentation to the PROS team (or anyone else for that matter) about how to use the new BLE feature that the V5 brain has. My guess, if they choose to implement it, is that it will be quite some time before this is available.


Any updates? That is, does the latest Windows version of V5 blocks support download over bluetooth?