Extender for intkae

We need help with our extender for our passive intake so we can have 9 cubes at a time. Can I have some ideas?

What do you mean by an extender? Are you using a traybot, claw, tube, or something else?

I assume you are using a traybot, in which case for flipping out intake rollers I would use a screw joint:

If you are looking for a flipup tray extension, I would use a screw joint with a 3x3 plate and a 2x3 plate. If you would like images, check out this video at 2:22, or pm me:

If you are looking for a cascading tray extension, I would point you to these threads that TaranMayer made showing a CAD design of a cascading stage tray:

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or pm me!


Could I have some more pictrues for theflip up tray extension?