Extending Tray Mk.2

Last night I posted an Inventor animation I made of an exertion mechanism for a tray. After receiving feedback on VTOW as well as here, I made a better version as seen below.

This afternoon I designed a new. an better version of an extending tray. It doesn’t use the linear slide rails, instead, it uses spacers and a whole bunch of more complicated assemblies. The linear slide rails seemed to be way too heavy to place very high-up/back on the robot and was sure to cause tipping. Like before, the video is on my youtube page (along with a now-ended stream of me making it), as well as down below in the form of a GIF.2


Now I know how I should approach the extension I was a bit confused but now I know.

@Sylvie thank you for putting your time into this animation, this is awesome and will definitely help many teams.


great animation and great work!
now i have more ideas
some good some bad all perfectly VEX robotics

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