Extinct X-Drive?

With the expected 8 motor limit for V5 do you think holonomic drives will be useable in future games?
I posted about this on the “V5 render release thoughts” thread and got some interesting responses so I thought I would start a separate thread for discussion.
(Sadly) I don’t think they will be effective considering you will only have 4 motors left for the rest of your robot.

If you do an H drive, you can get holonomic behavior with 3 motors.

Or we could see the return of transmissions!

I think a 4 motor x drive is doable. It really just depends on the new board.

Doing a form of Holonomic drive with v5 is possible, but you will have trouble managing motors for other functions. It is better off to do what @Robo-Eng-13 mentioned where only 3 motors are used to achieve strayfing.

If the board is more IQ like, you could do 4 mtr holonomic easy, I’ve been in situations where I’ve only used 1 non drive motor in IQ. If we’re looking at boards more like itz, though, 4 motor drive is going to require a passive intake or two.

Motor management is definitely going to be a huge deal in v5, though, if you use an active intake where you could use a passive you are DEAD.

It all depends on next year’s game for that, but you are right.

Well, the eight motor thing is probably temporary (I hope). After one or two seasons, the transition will be over and more motors might be allowed.

For holonomic drives, interesting ones may start appearing, like,

Personally, I like these better than H drives.

I completely forgot about Kiwi drive bots…

Seeing those in a competition would be pretty cool

We tried one last year…

Or you could use mecanum, that’s the best option.


I’m going to bet that next season there is at least one V5 team that runs a holonomic drive base, they will also have a great transmission that allows them to shift power to where they want.

I’m a little depressed about the “ned moar motors”, in the last few seasons. The limit used to be 8 and people built great robots. Wonder if there was more engineering and less “just bolt another motor on” what robots would look like.

I for one welcome our new 8 motor limited Overlord.

@antichamber I bet you could figure out a way to make a 2 motor holonomic drive with all the jank stuff you’ve been going recently

for all we know he has already invented 1 motor holonomic drive using some strange transmission

This would be cool, however I think it’s actually impossible since motors only have 2 degrees of freedom, and holonomic drives would need 3 degrees of movement.

Just have 3 modes for the transmission: x, y, and rotation. If you need to do more than one at once switch between them really fast /s

theoretically, if you can switch between all of them extremely fast, you can use all of them at once

haha x-drive just for looks

He was not the original designer of the system. However, he has made several public iterations of the system. The original drive mobile goal differential system was prototyped over the summer by @technik3k. He actually showed my team a sketch of the system and left us guessing for some time about how it would work. Last season they developed a slightly different, single motor differential that could lift, dump, and hang. It was a just a prototype that never saw any competitions, however.

@antichamber Should be given a lot of credit for being the first one to take the differential design, and build it for themselves. He has been an active participant in helping improve the design and was willing to share all his failures and successes with the design online. I believe that he is also responsible for motivating @technik3k (and many other teams) to continue to improve the design instead of dumping his differential like last year.

I’m really excited to see what they can do with V5 or transmissions next year!

Nah fam like with all 4 wheels moving. A proper x-drive with 2 motors.

But don’t you need one motor to control the transmission and one motor to power it? Or else how would you be able to switch between which axis you are controlling?