Field set up with brain

I can’t seem to find a pdf or site with the v5 brain set up. would you mind sharing a link if you have it

If you are referring to the V5 Field Control system used at Worlds this year, there is a lot of information in this thread: New Field Control sytem for VEX Worlds 2022


I am specifically looking for how the brain connects to TM- and required cords for my Pi set ups, I looked through your link, which was really helpful, but didn’t see anything on the brain connecting to TM

From that other thread:

Basically the V5 field control brain plugs in exactly like the legacy VEXnet Field Controller did via USB. If you’re using Raspberry Pis for your field monitors, then you’d plug the brain in via USB to the Pi.


ok that was confusing for me also after reading every post in that forum but this broke it down now i understand

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