Finding the center of gravity

I’ve heard that placing the gyro at the center of gravity of the robot will help increase its accuracy. Does anyone know a good way of finding the center of gravirty or should I just make an educated guess?

If you are using it to turn, then the center of the turn axis is the best place. If you draw a diagonal line between the opposing front and rear wheels, that will be close


So our robot has a holder in front of the wheel base, which would move the center of gravity more forwards than the center of the chassis. Would the center of the chassis be better for placing the gyro?

Center of the turning axis is better than the center of the chassis if the wheels are not equally spaced. (ie, chassis is 18" long but wheels are at 12" and 3". So the center of the chassis would be at 9" but the turning center would be at 7.5". )

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The position of the gyro on the robot doesn’t matter; angular velocity (which the gyro measures) is the same across the robot.

Instead, you should make sure it is in an isolated area away from motors, and the wire should also be routed in a way to avoid interference. This is to help reduce gyro drift.


As @jyao6429 said isolating gyro from vibration is very important:

There are multiple sources of the gyro measurement noise, causing drift. Some of them could be eliminated with this trick:

Finally, software filtering could improve accuracy of the gyro a lot:


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