First DR4B

I’m doing a DR4B with the engines from the tower with 2
gears of 84 teeth (normal gears together to form a high strength gear), then in the first 4 bars, together with a channel c to the gear and the bottom bar one with a screw joint, but I do not feel that this is stable, apart from That, in the middle I don’t know how to make the screw joints so that this part stays vertical can you help me with that?

Obviously I speak from the bottom only

How many motors are you planning on using, what gear ratio are you using? And what motor? 393? or V5?

Okay is a 1:7 gear ratio 2 motors 393

If you can get the regular 84 tooth HS gears, stacked low strengths dont work as well and take up more space

Oigan, sera suficiente considerando que tengo 4 canales c de 35 hoyos y otros 4 canales c de 25 hoyos de aluminio?

Yes that is the 84 tooth I am talking about, but if I were you I would just buy them individually

buy them separately ?, I don’t understand

There are the normal 84 tooth gears, and then there are the high strength gears, similar to how there are chains and high strength chains

Check out this thread:
Refining our DR4B .

First, screw joints NEED to be placed on corresponding points on the two bars so that they stay parallel. Second, the screw joints are just lock nuts that are unscrewed just a small bit, so that motion is possible without extra ‘jank’. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, I don’t have much going on!

Also, a picture would really help so that I can give you some pointers if you need.

The Monday I will upload a photo of our lift ok?

Sounds great!

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