Flywheel for Turning Point

At the turning point competitions I have been to I noticed that all the ball launchers were punchers. I wanted to know if anyone knows a flywheel that with improvements can be made reliable for the turning point arena.

We have a flywheel that works very well. If tuned properly, flywheels can be just as effective as punchers.

Honestly, this year any well tuned launcher can do well. Flywheels are probably the most difficult to tune, however. They are much more complicated and involved builds, than say, a puncher or catapult. That is probably why they are not as common.

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What I like about flywheels is the versitility of them. We can do full field shots from one corner of the field to the other, and with double shot, the relative benefit of catapults is reduced

@LoafofBread – You are posting in the VIQ general discussion area about the VEX VRC game. The VIQ game is Next Level and there isn’t any balls to launch.

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Watch the videos of 169a from night at the museum. They are probably the best flywheel in the world at the moment. They have a very nice design!

There are lots of shooting discussions around. To summarize them, flywheels have kind of died out due to their complexity and tuning difficulty, and punchers, aided by their simplicity, have taken hold of the meta(574C’s YouTube tutorial was a big part of that). 2BCs have even been lessening in quantities, despite some design advantages.


Can you post the links for this? I can’t seem to find them.

Yeah, links would very much be helpful. I’m just trying to see how a reliable flywheel works.

I feel fly wheels or catapults are the best way to go u can make either one them adjustible
I have made my flywheel adjustible with a moving hood so I can shoot anywhere on the field with out haveing a real PID and my partner team has a adjustible punching launcher but we can out shoot them

The Night At The Museum (NATM) livestream seems to have been taken off of

Woah woah woah… MOVING HOOD??? How consistent is that for you?

Our team personally uses a double catapult, and I believe it is pretty effective if used correctly. Although as a double catapult you might get bullied a little more by other bots, if you are able to evade defense well, and shoot quickly, you will gain flag control extremely efficiently.

Flywheels can be effective without a moving hood or any “special” technology, it just takes strong build quality, tuning, and efficient code. If you do not think you have any of those things it is likely best to choose a simpler design, like an angle-changing puncher or a 2BC

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Angle changing two ball catapult anyone?

Extremely, we plan on adding a potentiometer to make adjustments even more accurate. But our tests have proven to be 96%for top from the back and 88% for the middle. If we use our double shot it has a accuracy of 85% if set up right also takes about two second shoot both off

This would be a joke in Eastern PA lol

The best teams here are flywheels, and some double shots (169, 91A) run under 100-300ms, so it’s very possible.

I just started testing three days ago and really

You may want to rethink best flywheel in the world…