Flywheel Speed Consistent

Hey guys I have a question. Me and my team have been having this problem where our flywheel speed does not stay consistent. If anybody has suggestions please reply.

Please look at other topics before creating your own. There have been several similar questions in the past few days.
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If you are running under the maximum rpm, control the motor speed using voltage instead of trying to set the RPM.

If your using vexvode v5 pro it looks something like this:

Flywheel1.spin(directionType::fwd, 0 - 12, volt);

if you guys are using velocity try switching to voltage in your code. my team was having the same problem and it worked for us

our code looks like this

X can range anywhere from 0-12 where 0 is 0% velocity and 12 is 100% velocity

if you want to convert percent to velocity all you have to do is multiply 12 by the decimal form of the percent you want

for example if you wanted to run the motor at 80% velocity you would do 12*.8 which is 9.6 volts. so you would replace the X in the code for 9.6

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