For people who want to use Protobot on a machine that is not Windows....Wine!

Protobot runs well using Wine. I have not tested it on Linux yet, but it works well on my Mac. For macOS, I like to use Wineskin. Install it with homebrew.

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Get Protobot here:

and Wineskin(macOS):


Thank you for sharing with us, I’ve been trying to find a free solution to run Protobot beta on max. Could you be a little more specific on how to download Protobot Beta on mac with wine? What is homebrew and is it necessary?

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  1. Homebrew is not necessary. If you look at the readme of Wineskin linked above, you can see that there is a way to install it manually, but I have not tried this way, and it is not recommended. With Homebrew, you can be sure that you are using the latest version of Wineskin and its dependencies. Just paste the link that is on the website into your terminal to install it if you want.

  2. Follow the instructions on the readme to install Wineskin. Once it is installed, you can run the program called “Wineskin WInery”.

  1. You need to install an engine by clicking on the +, select an engine, then click “Download and install”. I am not sure what the differences are between engines, so I just chose the first one. I think different programs run slightly better on certain engines.

  2. Download Protobot from the website and unzip the file.

  3. “Create New Blank Wrapper” and name it or something. Once it is created, run it, and “Install Software”, and “Move a Folder Inside”. Select the folder that was extracted. Make sure this is the main folder that contains Protobot Beta.exe and some other stuff. If it asks you which executable to run, select Protobot Beta.exe.

  4. You can quit Wineskin now. Run the same wrapper, and this time it will be protobot instead of Wineskin. If you want to change some settings, show the package contents of the wrapper and open Wineskin.

Please reply if you have problems or specific questions!


this works great, but the graphics are kinda meh, still usable though, great guide

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Thank you for the instructions! I’ve got the app to work and it runs really well! I do have one question though, I noticed that once I opened the app, my cpu temperature quickly gets to around 80 degrees Celsius, this is a little concerning to me and I was wondering if this is normal.

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This is normal. Also, the battery will drain very fast.

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Got it, thank you for the help!