Four bar lift mounting

I am having trouble mounting my four bar lift on my robot can anyone help me?

Why don’t you send us a photo of your robot in its current state. We can only help you with mounting issues if we know what your robot currently looks like (my robot’s solution may not work on yours).


Shoot, I literally just picked up from our meeting

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Its ok, just send one here when you get the chance.

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I would like to see your solution though.

We mounted our lift just after our ring intake. It is mounted to the inside of our drivetrain, and has cross braces that connect to the intake for extra stability.

(Honestly if I were to redo the lift towers I would add more bracing and beef up the connection between the towers and the rest of the robot)


I was meaning more mounting the actual lift part to a piece of metal

Ohhh, ok.

We mounted the lift bars to the 2 84 tooth gears on both sides of the lift. While we did not do it for our robot, having the lift bars connected to the whole gear (so you can use metal lock bars to better secure the lift) is something you should definitely do.

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Do you think a twelve to sixty ratio because we ran out of 84 tooth’s

Its success would depends on the type/number of motors used, as well as the amount of rubber bands used (as well as the configuration of the bands). Remember your lift will be lifting 3-4 pound mobile goals, so don’t skimp out on the torque and banding.


That can be used, although it is slow and difficult to make work. I would prioritize an 84T on a 4Bar

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In my opinion a screw joint is the best way to connect two rotating pieces of metal. Just look up “vex screw joint” on youtube and there are some good videos on it.


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