Fusion 360 freezing issues

I’m having issues with Fusion 360 freezing up all the time. I’m using a MacBook with the latest operating system, but it keeps giving me the pinwheel constantly. Does anyone have any ideas?

Could you give more details? Please include screenshots of the design and timeline. Attaching the design file as an f3d would also be helpful

How many parts is in the model? Also is it only happening on complex models?

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 1.38.15 PM Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 1.35.41 PM

I’ve been having this issue from the very beginning with Fusion 360 - it seems like it has always frozen up on me. Here are some screen shots of the project I’m working on right now - but it froze up even when I was doing smaller projects too.

It is also leaving the parts list over the top of any other app that I pull up even after I’ve closed Fusion.

I tried to upload the F3d file but I couldn’t make it work. Is there a special way I’m supposed to do that?

What computer are you doing this on? Also, is this a new thing that’s happening?

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The first post said a MacBook.

Unfortunately, although MacBooks are great computers (I use one as well) they are not the best for CAD. For most CAD programs to run smoothly you really need a GPU (which your computer does not have). I would recommend using Onshape for CAD on a Mac. It is browser-based, which means that as long as your internet connection is pretty good, you will be able to do CAD on pretty much any device. It is less often used than Autodesk for VEX purposes, but there are parts libraries that already exist, and it is perfectly usable for most purposes.

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Actually, Fusion 360 uses very little GPU, as seen here Even though that mentions only rendering, it applies for designing as well.

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Interesting. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro that was pretty much top of the line at the time. It does not run Fusion 360 well at all, and never has. It freezes constantly and is all but unusable. I always assumed it was the lack of a graphics card, but maybe not? I can tell you that Onshape works perfectly on it, and works fine on my students’ school-issued laptops as well.

I wish Autodesk implemented GPU acceleration. It would make some people’s lives a whole lot better.

I use a Windows machine with 6 cores /12 threads and as the complexity increases, it starts to freeze whenever I add another part or change a parameter. I just learned to ignore it, but there was no real solution I had to get it to be smoother. (I believe there is a way to reduce visual quality in favor of performance.)

As @cougarbots mentioned, you can try Onshape or even find a way to blow air over the bottom of the laptop to keep it cooler and hopefully run a bit better. You can also try this.

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I too would suggest using Onshape, but if you are partial to F360 (like me) there is a browser-based version: fusion.online.autodesk.com. I was unable put in the add-on for changing part lengths by holes from here into the browser version, but from the screenshot you added it looks like you do not have it, so that should not be a problem. Hope this helps!

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Thank you! That is great to know, but I think the screenshot you are referring to was the post’s author, not mine. I don’t really use Fusion at all. That’s cool that it has that add-on. I use an Onshape VEX parts library that has c-channels and shafts that you can choose the size for (if anyone else wants the info, send me a message).

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Thanks for the help everybody. We’re going to try using the browser based version of 360 and see if that works.

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