VEX CAD Fusion 360 Parts Library Release Log

Version 1.0.0

Aidan and George from @thirddegree, @andrewef2000, and I are proud to announce the release of the VEX CAD Library for Fusion 360! This library is based on the hard work done by the contributors of the VEX CAD Inventor Library.

This parts library includes a number of parametric parts such as adjustable length C-channels and gears with swappable inserts that can be edited using our custom add-in. The add-in is not required to use this library but is highly suggested for your ease of use.

Full list of parametric parts:

V5 Motor HS Shaft
V5 Motor LS Shaft
HS Shaft
LS Shaft
Spacer (Nylon) .313 OD
Spacer (Nylon) .375 OD
Spacer (Nylon) .500 OD
Spacer (Plastic)
Spacer HS
Washer (Steel)
Washer (Teflon)
HS 12T Gear
HS 36T Gear
HS 60T Gear
HS 84T Gear
HS 6T Sprocket
HS 12T Sprocket
HS 18T Sprocket
HS 24T Sprocket
HS 30T Sprocket
Screw Alu
Screw Hex
Screw Nylon
Screw Star
2.75 Half Omni Wheel
2.75 Omni Wheel
3.25 Half Omni Wheel
3.25 Omni Wheel
3.25 Traction Wheel
4 Half Omni Wheel
4 Mecanum Left Wheel
4 Mecanum Right Wheel
4 Omni Wheel
4 Traction Wheel
1x1 Angle Alu
1x1 Thick 5x Half-C Alu
1x1 Thin 5x Half-C Alu
1x1 2x Half-C Alu
2x2 Angle Alu
2x C-Chan Alu
2x U-Chan Alu
3x C-Chan Alu
3x Plate from 5x Alu
5x C-Chan Alu
5x VEX Plate Alu
1x1 Thick 5x Half-C Steel
1x1 Thin 5x Half-C Steel
1x1 2x Half-C Steel
2x2 Angle Steel
2x C-Chan Steel
3x3 Angle Steel
5x C-Chan Steel
5x VEX Plate Steel
5x Thin Plate from 5x Alu
Linear Rail

Parts Library Download

To install the parts library, download the zip file and follow this video tutorial.

We know that the current installation process for the library isn’t the easiest. We are working on a part importer that should make this process significantly cleaner, as well as allow for automatic library updates in the future.

Add-In Download

To install the add-in, download the zip file and follow this written tutorial.

We have an FAQ that is updated frequently! If you need troubleshooting help, check here first!

A series of tutorial videos going over the basics of Fusion is in the works that will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned!
If you want to join the community, or have any questions, join our Discord!

Thank you to the following contributors:

  • Justin | 3018E
  • Aidan | BUFF | 4610D
  • George | BUFF | 4610D
  • Flis | EZER
  • Jess | EZ | 21S
  • Yuanyang | 1727G


I’ve been using fusion for the longest but not by choice. It’s because I’m using a mac. Anyways, there
haven’t really been any good fusion libraries until recently. This is by far the best one, I can confirm. Nice job :+1:


I have been waiting for a good solid parts library to come out for fusion 360 for a while now. This is amazing. All holes have center points for easy jointing. The addin is Super nice and easy to use. This really is, as @mvas said, “by far the best one, I can confirm”.
So thanks so much to - @Bob132, @ThirdDegree, @andrewef2000, and anyone else that helped with this!


Great job to the whole team. This library is solid and I cannot wait to put it to use. Ease of assembly is a great thing for students to have.


If you use the web interface you can drag and drop the entire folder and still retain the file structure.

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We are aware of this. That was the original plan, but after we had several people test it, 20-50 random parts would fail to upload every time. We will be releasing v1.1.0 soon that will have a local part importer, so the parts won’t need to be uploaded to Autodesk at all.

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Uploaded the files to Fusion, put them in their folders, installed the add-in, and IT’S AWESOME for only about 20 mins of setup! Thanks so much for making this!


When I was trying to upload the files to fusion 360 it wouldn’t do it. Had a fusion 360 icon and then a x underneath it. I did everything correctly and I’m on the latest version of windows and fusion 360. This problem occurred with all parts.
Edit: Sorry if I revived an old topic

I had to go into the file explorer and select the files one at a time rather than just dragging and dropping them into Fusion. Maybe try this?

That’s going to be fun. Guess I’ll do that

You guys should add a way to make gears be drilled out so they can free spin. Also from what I can tell there is not way to make a hole for HS shafts for metal.

this is called a free spinning insert . it’s green

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For LS gears. Won’t get a lot of use but is helpful for screw joints and more complicated systems.

just bandsaw a hs gear if you need it that badly and can’t drill out the ls gear lmao

or broach an ls gear with a 0.25” width and put in a metal insert

In both situations you should be able to use the hole tool in fusion (make sure the part isn’t linked first). If that fails, create a sketch circle and extrude cut.


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