He Lives!

After several false starts and discovering I needed to download firmware updates Vinnie runs… (Yes I give all my robots names. Vinnie the VEX 'Bot)

This morning I got a successful firmware download (After a few failures).
Keyed in the motor test program to run the motors for 5 seconds. Did the compile without errors, uploaded (downloaded?) to the Cortex and the little beastie spun his wheels! Not for 5 seconds but they spun. I’ll have to sort that out.

Today a few seconds of spinning wheels. Tomorrow the world. <Evil scientist laugh!>



Nice. Great job! Robot resuscitation is fun!


Are you using the default program with the Cortexes? That should run more than 5 seconds at a time.

Nice name! Vinnie is a good choice for a robot name! So glad that your robot can run. It is always a proud accomplishment when a robot finally works.


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good job! 20 characters

Well poo! I just realized I posted this in a V5 category. Vinnie is a V4 critter. I profusely apologize!!!

That said, I just picked up a tracked 'bot with a V5 microcontroller and a 6 channel FM transmitter/receiver.
The 'bot has quite a few loose/missing fasteners but HEY… I have hardware and power tools and know how to use them! :slight_smile:

There’ll probably a lot more questions coming!


That sounds like a PIC based VEX robot, or V0.5
Another totally different animal but one that you can still get support with here.


I saw that one on eBay. It’s a shame how people value old stuff. Someone tried to sell a Cortex battery for $80 NIB. I picked up 9 for free when my team switched to v5.

Well darn… I didn’t notice the dot in front of the 5. No worries tho’. The parts that I really wanted were the tracks, sprockets and road wheels.
The electronics are just a bonus and maybe I can cobble together another robot.
Heck… can one have too many 'bots wandering about? :slight_smile:


Yummy sprockets are always great!
I got 4 of each HS size and a bunch of treads and chain on eBay for $40

To answer your question:

nope. Never.

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Yup. Good deal! I keep watching the 'Bay for for robotics goodies… or anything I can use for my 'bots or computers or telescopes or HO Trains or some of the other hobbies I have too little time for. :expressionless:

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