Help me join a large alliance! (discobots, robonauts, vortex, etc.)

While I don’t have problems with funding for my vex program, I don’t have any school/corporation/alliance associated with my team, and I would like to change that. If anyone has any leads on how to apply to join one of the large alliances that exist, please leave said lead here, or pm me then bump this thread so that it can be seen more. If you organize or are part of one these large alliances, please PM me for details on how to better contact me (email, phone, discord) if interested

Most alliances are by invite from the alliance. Not by asking to join the alliance, but sometimes you might be able to join that way.

Do you have a contact for someone higher up in the vortex alliance seeing as you’re on it?

My teammate, 1970K and I started Vortex.

I found your discord on Twitter, talk there

I think you can join Blitz through their instagram…

You can join Blitz just by asking lel.

To join an alliance and get benefit out of it, you need to become their friend, since, you know, that’s how alliances began to exist.

I don’t think anyone explicitly wants your team number/you on their alliance with what you’ve been doing this year. A better strategy is to not post on the forum asking to join an alliance, lol.

Make your own…that’s what we did here in California.

What’s your alliance name? Just curious

8762, with team 8000, 7700R, 62A, and 6007X

True, Discobots is invite-only, for the most part. I heard Wiscobots is taking new members…

Wiscobots is the new Discobots, jokes aside, we do not take teams outside of Wisconsin, especially teams without any achievements. Our alliance is made up of only the absolute best teams in Wisconsin.

We’ve rejected many top tier teams. We’re definitely not the kind that just accepts anyone who asks.

Like I said, you can ask. I realize that I implied that you ask and you’re in. Not my intent. You can ask and they’ll consider you.

I heard TVA is kinda desperate for teams.

Not desperate, we just don’t discriminate. Pretty much anyone who wants in is ok with us.

Not what I was told, I joined the TVA-C “waiting room” discord for a little bit to see if I would get accepted, there were like 14 other people in the same situation as me, but I left after a little while since nobody was getting accepted into it. It’s not a big deal, and probably too late now to join, that’s just my experience.

As a one time sportsmanship award recipient, I am highly offended that you haven’t tried to start an alliance with me…

i am honestly quite surprise… that… no alliance wanna invite you in?!

personally feel that you have so much to contribute.

There is context you are missing. Everyone has a good reason but this is not appropriate place to go into it.