Help with VEXcode Pro V5 programming- motors run really slow, but everything else is fine

Hello everyone, I think I may have a problem with my code. When I try to run the motors on my base via controller, it doesn’t move at all. I’ve tried the exact same format of code on other motors, and they either run really slow or don’t run at all. I’ve built my program, and no errors show up, so I think it may be something wrong with what I typed. Help?

The problem is that when neither ButtonLeft nor ButtonRight are pressed then the code in the last else statement will set to zero every motor regardless of the Axis2 or Axis3 position.

Please, take a look at tutorials, that I linked in this post for help on how to setup Tank Drive controls:

This deadband snippet may be useful as well:


Thanks for giving me this info! it helps a lot. Thank you very much!