Can somebody please help me with extending the trays so I can intake more cubes? This is my second year and I am one of the most experienced in my school…Help please

What about them? I have already posted 2 animated CAD designs for linear extending trays.

If you are trying to score 6 there is a simple design in this video at 2:21, but if you are trying to score more then that try experimenting with a linear cascade lift.

What do you mean by “simple design”? That is a complex traybot, which is harder to build than a cascade lift. Also, it can score a lot more than a cascade if built right. As well, a lot of people on the forum have their robot built, or have a design, most of them being traybots.

We tried doing a cascade and found that the top cube would be pulled with the robot as it backed up from a stack. Is there a way to fix this problem?

You mean something that passively extends? You might want to rubber band it upward or something? The friction from the top cube would topple the stack, so a flipup is better.

Yeah it passively extends, but now we took it off.

Yeah, i don’t have a solution for that design, but flipups are a better option


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