Hero Bot for VEX IQ 2020-2021 Season: Rise Above

I was wondering what the hero bot is for season.

All build instructions are here for ALL the hero bots (and other cool designs)


This years herobot is called Rise, it’s the upper row, left hand side.



Thats what I was gonna put

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Here is the previous thread on the hero bot

The hero bots aren’t going to get you far. I suggest making more changes to it so it can pick up like 2-3 of the scoring elements.

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i didnt say i was going to use it…
i already have my own design. I literally just asked what it was, i never said i would use it

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Ok gotcha (why 20 characters)

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Aww man. You didn’t do anything lol.

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What do mean sunny 20

Ya ikr lol I just said advice if your using the hero robot