HERO8 Robot Reveal - 323Z Aftershock

Team 323Z Aftershock is proud to present our current NBN robot, HERO5. We competed with some really awesome teams this past weekend, and 323Y was a lot of fun to play with!

Robot Design:
Single wheel flywheel/dual LP’s
High speed drive
High efficiency intake

Here is the final match of the day:

Feel free to drop any questions below.

Good luck to all teams this season!
Luke Rohler
Team Coach

RIP HERO4, 2015-2016.

Hey Great Robot!!! The shot speed on that flywheel looks great! would you mind letting us in on your motor distribution for the whole robot?

That is very impressive. Congratulations. This does make me wonder what World’s will be like though? It seems like there is going to be 30 seconds of total dead time at the end matches if teams are already this good…3 months before Worlds. I know there is lifting too, but that potentially only takes seconds.

Of course!
4 motor flywheel/dual LP’s
6 motor drive
2 motor 2 stage intake

Honestly I think we may see the field clear within 15 seconds of driver control. It’s going to be interesting.

Yes, I am still sorting out which matches we even recorded. I believe we made 30/32 to 32/32 with only one exception, and that was due to feed error.

you have 2 Linear Punchers? And how do you power them?

Fantastic robot! I think I see how you powered your punchers, not sure if you want that released yet though. :slight_smile:
Any plans for a lift?

That’s one hell of a robot. I love the auton. Do you plan on using both LPs, or just one? Did you not have another loader?

Are you guys still using your location tracking code or have you abandoned that?

My robot looks very similar.
But yours scores better.
I think that we even have the same mechanism for powering the linear puncher.

Reminds me of 3536M’s 4 motor double LP/flywheel that ran together using ratchets.

I too am curious to know if y’all are still using it.

We are currently deciding between a high lift and a low lift. Over winter break, we built a modular passive high elevation (no motors or pneumatics), and we still have that together. However, we may go with a passive low elevation instead. Passive high elevation added a significant amount of complexity and weight to the robot.

Thanks! I’m thrilled with how auton came together. We used double LP’s back when we had the turret, and they really are not necessary (with the exception of skills). Currently, we are trying to migrate all our match shooting back over to our flywheel and dedicate the LPs to skills.

It is unfortunately unnecessary. The only weak point in the turret design was gyro inaccuracy, even with averaging and filtering. I’m currently working to bring about a fast, accurate turret for VexU. Hopefully that will come together well :slight_smile:

What motors have you “y cabled” together.

Can I ask what kind of flywheel speed control you are using? Any any advice for switching from a 6 motor flywheel to a 4 motors flywheel? Also what ratio flywheel are you using?

The idea of this robot is very similar to our robot, we too have 2 catapults and a short range flywheel. Though we are using catapults and not linear pistons. Nice robot :wink: . Also, could we have a close up of the intake, I am curious.

Looks like you guys are soon going to be on par with @Stanley Shi(2R) ! Like your bot BTW :wink:

Wait you changed it. Do you still have the LED under glow?

Yes we changed it about a month ago, and yes we still have the under glow.

Very nice robot 323Z. The GoPro footage is surprisingly stable. :slight_smile: Is it not uncomfortable wearing it during a match?

How do you funnel the balls in your intake?

Having played with and against them this past weekend, it is an AMAZING robot. Well designed, well built and well driven.