Hey Facebook coaches, this is the thread to respond to

Hey, Facebook “Coaches of the world.” I’ve publicly smacked you because I think you are in a walled garden and your echo chamber there isn’t a good thing.

So here is your chance to prove me wrong. Respond here with your FB id and I’ll send $100 to RECF. And yes, I’ll cross reference with the faceslime membership.


What? Did I miss something? Or is there a Facebook group there that I am not a part of? I am Curtis Nielson on Facebook.

You are not part of the VEX coaches group that has driven changes to the VEX programs from behind walled FB garden and echo chamber.

But you have been a poster here, so I’ll cut you some slack and include you in. Loved your posts about BO3. So +100 from you to RECF!

I can’t even find it by searching for it, I thought I was in every VEX group on Facebook. Oh well.

Do I count? TC Mayer is my screen name in that group.

Is it the “VEX World Coaches Association” group that you’re referring too? Haven’t seen any toxicity there (Facebook id is Chris Reimer so +100)

Here’s the links if you would like to join the “walled garden/echo chamber”…or in other words, interact with a group of 2000+ other adult mentors/coaches/teachers who’s conversation is mostly about running successful robotics programs.
VEX World Coaches Association: Facebook Groups
VEX IQ World Wide Coaches Association: Facebook Groups

Foster, do I get $200 donated to RECF since I belong to both “walled gardens” and “never post in the vexforum”?

Carrie Jenkins Northum on Facebook

I’m already in both of those. And, he said that I wasn’t in the one he was concerned about. So, I don’t know what other one there is.

See this post. @Foster goes on about his dislike for Facebook.

Funny thing is that I bet that FB group gets more members now that it is advertised as it is on the forum (maybe that is his secret agenda).

And I am a member of both.


Okay, so that’s what I missed. Thank you.

I do agree it should be bashed as a walled garden, I have been banned from it for several years for disagreeing with people…

While the VEX discord and the VTOW facebook group just lets anyone join.


vtow and Vex Cad on discord is better than facebook coaches of the world.


Although if we’re being fair about platforms, once Discord goes from “seize as much market share as possible” to “actually give investors a good return on investment”… Well, it’s either charge users for the service they expect to get for free, or sell the users’ data to the highest bidder and start shoving ads down their throats.

Also, it’s partially owned by Tencent which is just… always fun.


I’m on the Facebook group, multiple discords and post on the forums.

Hey @action000 I’m sorry that I hijacked the thread about a simple screw question. I’ll reach out to the OP and offer a grant to get screws. And I appreciate your post, send me a DM and I’ll hook your team up with the screws.

I have a number of secret agendas that I won’t reveal here. :slight_smile: My dislike of the FaceKillerHornets group is public and has gone on for years. I’ve had public agendas killed off like feed back for judged awards killed off by the “well the coaches group on FaceMudslide”)

And I’ve gotten DM’s that this is a pretty insulated group, and it is. But this is the most public VRC/VIQ/VU forum. I do hope that @DRow isn’t selling that I’m an Aquarius, likes robotics, woodworking an beach walks. :slight_smile:


{I apologize for interrupting this ridiculous thread to troll Tabor}


Mentor in both right here.

I don’t like Facebook in general, but you go where the market is rather than screaming for the market to follow you. I’m not an expert like you @Foster but I know a little about IQ and enjoy giving advice to the coaches who are starting out, lost, or just trying to figure out what’s going on (there are plenty of them). Those mentors are on Facebook. That’s also not a dig, you really are a wealth of knowledge and I typically enjoy your post.

Also, I am usually unsure here who is a student and who is a mentor, or neither. The discussion is different based on who I am interacting with. If you created a Coaches Corner here, I may be more likely to participate in it.

When my students needs help with trouble shooting a PID, they come here. When a teacher turned coach is lost, they go to Facebook.


I’m good, and happy to add you to the list of people that are in and contribute to both of the groups. So far, all 6 of you. :slight_smile:


I am also a member both here and on FB. While I spend much more time here, and personally find the forum to be more informative most of the time, I see the value of the Facebook group.

The forum is an open platform for coaches and students alike. However, on FB, coaches are able to ask questions/make comments that are specifically meant for other coaches, and there is something to be said for not cluttering the forum with posts that really only pertain to a small subset of users on the forum. That aspect is a positive.

I haven’t seen any changes being driven by the FB group, but that is mostly because I haven’t been a part of this community as long as you have, @Foster, nor am I nearly as involved in the community as a whole as you are, so I defer to your experience on that matter.

Just my two cents.