Hey, how do you beat turtling

This is kind of the wrong place for this question but yes this has been done by many teams this season. It’s kind of just a bonus to tilting the goal to put rings on it for most.

Ours does this and we don’t even mean to. It is just like that. But back on topic, to beat turtling, make it so the other team has to do something drastic to win, or win auton.

if we didn’t get 4 goals in auto, I would just steal them from the other team, takes so practice but it’s not too hard


If they have the a mogo in their lift clamp and it’s hovering over the platform then tip the platform a couple times and it should get knocked out of the clamp. Or get your lift/robot under their lift/mogo and lift your lift up and knock the mogo out of their clamp. (Assuming you have a lift)


Likely does not exist. As a tournament manager expert I did a dig into this at the beginning of the season on how that data goes out to robotevents.

TP is unique in that there are two ways to score it in tournament manager, simple scoresheet or extended. The data coming out the back end does not mesh the two scoring modes together. This is critically important in leagues where the same mode must be used for all sessions, or really weird things can happen. If you dig in to the data file that is produced by TM for the different styles, high branch rings are recorded in different columns on the spreadsheet. It gets even weirder if you are looking for data from non-high branches or base rings.


I would love to see RobotEvents and Tournament Manager come to par with the data model from TheBlueAlliance. I may not know what I’m offering, but I’d be willing to do it free of charge for RECF


How exactly can the red alliance score six rings on the tall goal when the tall goal is on the blue platform?

Would the rings not count towards the blue alliance?


Good catch. I overlooked that. Disregard that one. :slight_smile:


Typically if you can do that it’s cause it’s a poorly designed clamp many people have the claws well refined by now too the point that they won’t let go easily, especially with the emergence of the linkage lock design.


This will NOT work in the last 30 seconds, right?

It would just not if they are holding the mogo over the platform. @ZackJo you are correct most people by now have good strong clamps.


Hey, I know that it is of topic but I want to know witch is better for a tower rush, a U bar or a clamp?

Even the regular FIRST Events API is better than what we get from RE and TM.

I’d love to comb through more data, as I could teach my students a lot more for scouting, and I can give some of my other students cool things to do.


What I meant is if a turtling robot is in contact with their platform in the last 30 seconds, either directly or thru a mogo they’re holding, they become untouchable, right?

Plenty of teams wish that VEXdb was still functioning.

For those who don’t know, vexdb.io stopped updating with changes implemented to RE a few years ago. Was basically the blue alliance for VRC


Yes, your correct

Yes, I believe that the creator of it @ nallen01 has started working on it again, but as of right now it looks like it’s main functionality has not been fixed yet.


RobotEvents now has an API and a few of us including @Mentor_355v have been working with the datasets. VexDb was originally scraping the website to extract data and I wouldn’t think that is necessary anymore.

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VexDB provided a nice web frontend to its data that has not yet been fully replicated with the RobotEvents API.

And anecdotally, the VexDB API was a lot faster – if you’re not careful with the RE API you can end up making single requests that take tens of seconds to process.

TBA/FIRST’s equivalent APIs provide much more granular data about how points were scored, not just the numerical score for each alliance. That info has been available in the VEX Via app for some previous VRC games, but not for Tipping Point, and never through any public API as far as I know.


And it shouldn’t be but VexDB could pull the data from the API instead.

That information is in Tournament Manager and I had thought that RobotEvents had a reporting issue a few years ago where they were able to fix the scores by recalculating the matches at RE. If this is true then they may have that level of granularity even if it has not been exposed to the public.