Holy wallbots batman

Its real, its real and in the uk

your link is not working.

plz dont tell me that wallbots will be a thing at worlds ;-;


Omg it’s so clean! Whoever made that robot, give him props to how good it looks!

Nice… but there must be a section they forgot in there pits?(the section that covers the rest of the fence)

their alliance partner needs to score too…

Well that could big an issue than, because now its a 2v1. I’ll take those odds any day of the week, twice on tournament day!

Would a wallbot-pushbot team be unbeatable?

2 claws trying to operate in that 4 foot section would be very difficult to avoid getting in each other’s way, essential reducing the competition to a clawbot versus a pushbot. However, because the clawbot can only score in those 4 feet, the pushbot can continue to push the stars under as they will always land in the same place. Moreover, as all 24 stars will aggregate in those 2x4 feet, it will be very difficult to only pick up few enough stars to avoid stalling the lift, but enough stars to match the cycle time of the pushbot. The clawbot can’t throw stars behind the middle fence, which would be the main deterrent of pushbots, aside from cubes. However, the pushbot can simply remove the cubes from play by stashing them behind the wallbot. Assuming an auto loss but scoring all of the stars at the end of the match, and that the pushbot can near zone all the cubes on their side (i.e. descores them, but doesn’t score them), the score is 24-12 in favor of the wallbot-pushbot. A hang from the idle clawbot brings this to a 24-24 tie, but putting the wallbot on the tile away from the hanging pole means that in those 4 unguarded tiles, should the idle robot try to hang, there will be a robot actively trying to score (with 48+" claw), a robot trying to navigate and hang, and 24 stars.

Also, depending on how fast the wallbot is, it’s likely it will actually block the opposing autonomous, winning auto, bringing the match to 32-20 even with a hang.

Glad someone did it, but I don’t see the point of that if it doesn’t get any longer.
How well did it do at that tournament?

According to VexDB, they went undefeated at their last 2 tournaments, but those tournaments were in Novemeber and October.

I think the point of this forum is to share designs and help everyone grow. Not sure how this is different from the plentiful match videos revealing other teams.

what if you could score over it…flickkkk

Apparently UK National Championships started today, so I assume that this picture is from that competition.

My logic is rather flawed if you assume that the wall bot is completely ineffective.

For most rear throwing bots, a very minor modification would allow it to throw stars over this robot unless it also goes up quite a bit higher than the picture would indicate. Now their alliance partner must run around behind them to get stars.

Additionally, I cannot see how the robot could be very strong against any robot with a strong and small drive that can push under the fence. This would be an easy robot to defeat no matter what their alliance partner brought to the table. They would end up in the way of any good robot.

It will be fun to watch them try, though. I hope they make it to worlds.

what if you “accidentally” knocked it over with a claw…

Suppose an opposing alliance were to dump onto this bot and stay there. If at the end of the match, the load was essentially in equilibrium (I.e still in the air but impossible to score in the vertical plane of either alliance’s zone) how would refs deal with this? Are they to imagine which side the load would fall on, all robots not being there?

…I sure hope not D:

From the game manual:

Oh jeez, I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks.